Call for livetweeting volunteers

Signup deadline: Dec 7, 2020

Do you use Twitter for discovering and sharing research? Consider joining our livetweeting team!

Livetweeting is a way for conference attendees to share their paper recommendations and comments as they attend an event. It helps the people who can’t attend the conference to still discover the program highlights, and to find & follow the people with similar research interests. If you haven’t done this before, but would like to try, here is an excellent guide for beginners by Rachael Tatman:

Here’s how to join if you are interested:

  1. Please see which conference sessions are still available and mark the ones you are interested in this document;
  2. Let us know how to reach you through this form;
  3. Read the instructions we will share with you;
  4. Before the conference kicks off, the official conference Twitter account will share the lists of volunteers to follow for updates in different research areas.

The session selection is on the first-come-first-served basis.