Accepted Tutorials

December 12th

  • Cross-lingual Semantic Representation for NLP with UCCA
    Omri Abend, Dotan Dvir, Daniel Hershcovich, Jakob Prange and Nathan Schneider
  • A Crash Course in Automatic Grammatical Error Correction
    Roman Grundkiewicz, Christopher Bryant and Mariano Felice
  • Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
    Raj Dabre, Chenhui Chu and Anoop Kunchukuttan
  • Detection and Resolution of Rumors and Misinformation with NLP
    Leon Derczynski and Arkaitz Zubiaga

December 13th

  • Embeddings in Natural Language Processing
    Jose Camacho-Collados and Mohammad Taher Pilehvar
  • A guide to the dataset explosion in QA, NLI, and commonsense reasoning
    Anna Rogers and Anna Rumshisky
  • Endangered Languages meet Modern NLP
    Antonios Anastasopoulos, Christopher Cox, Graham Neubig and Hilaria Cruz