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COLING’2020 outstanding papers announcement

Nov 29, 2020

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Nov 27, 2020

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Nov 24, 2020



No. Poster presentations will be in the form of traditional pdf files, which will be shown in a special virtual exhibition area where participants can also contact authors for questions in an environment similar to a video-game.

No. The published registration fees are all that you will be required to pay to attend COLING2020.

Yes, for COLING2020 camera-ready version of the paper, acknowledgments must be included in the page limits. Only references are out of the page counts.

No. The set of the authors and their order of appearance cannot be changed.

Both long papers and short papers can have 1 extra page for addressing the reviewers' comments.

Appendices did not count for the number of pages of the draft paper. The same for the camera-ready version, but if there is a new appendix to address reviewers’ suggestions, that appendix cannot be longer than 1 page.

Yes. All parts of the conference programme will involve a mixture of virtual presentations and real-time Q/A sessions.

There is no change in the deadlines for submitting the final versions of your materials to the Publication Co-Chairs.

Roughly, we expect to announce the format for virtual presentations in the later part of October, if not before.

Roughly, we expect to announce the fees in the later part of October, if not before.

Information is in:

The call for papers:
Papers that have been or will be under consideration for other venues at the same time must be declared at submission time. If a paper is accepted for publication at COLING, it must be immediately withdrawn from other venues. If a paper under review at COLING is accepted elsewhere and authors intend to proceed there, the COLING committee must be notified immediately.
The submission form:

Title Page (Mandatory if multiple submissions or substantial overlap with prior publications)

DUAL SUBMISSION POLICY: Papers being submitted to other conferences or workshops can be submitted in parallel to COLING, on condition that submissions at other conferences will be withdrawn if the paper is accepted for COLING. Authors must clearly specify the other conferences or workshops to which the paper is being submitted and also declare that they will withdraw these other submissions if the paper is accepted for COLING, or alternatively, withdraw the paper from COLING 2020. Please list the names and dates of conferences, workshops or meetings where you have submitted or plan to submit this paper in addition to COLING 2020.

  1. Name of Conference/Workshop/Meeting:
  2. ...
The Title page is a pdf file that must be uploaded.

The idea behind the anonymity period is to guarantee blind review, that is, that reviewers cannot find the same paper with a visible author and multiple comments on twitter so that they could get biased. Because arxiv can spend one or two days to publish a submission, the date is set as submission date, but the general idea is that after June, 1st there cannot be a copy of your paper with your name published. In case that eventually this happens, you must communicate at submission time as information in the title page (see submission page for guidelines).

Yes, it is possible to submit appendices. Please, note that appendices must be materials that are not critical to the reading and understanding of the paper. Appendices can contain code, a dataset, additional tables or parameters and data required for reproducibility. Appendices can be uploaded as supplementary material when submitting the paper for review or provided with an anonymized link to a direct download (ensure that author and institution names are not present in the URL if attaching this way). Upon acceptance, the appendices come after the reference.

The panot de flor, also called Flower of Barcelona, is a type of tile designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch. Originaly designed for Ametller house, it was later used to pave many streets of Barcelona, specially in the Eixample district. Although it may go unnoticed by many, it is one of the most representative symbols of the city.
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The organizing committee

You can find a complete list of the organizing committee in the organization section, including the general chair, program chairs, local organization chairs, etc.

COLING'2020: Committed to Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Harassment

COLING'2020 adheres to a strong Anti-Harassment Policy. Any participant who experiences harassment or hostile behavior may contact any current member of the Local Organization Committee. Please be assured that your concerns will be kept in strict confidence, and we will consult with you on any actions taken.

Diversity & Inclusion, both in terms of approaches and participation, are an integral part of who COLING is as a community. To find out more about the unique history of the COLING series of conferences, click here.