Accepted Papers: Industry Track

  • A Novel BERT based Distillation Method for Ensemble Ranking Model
    Wangshu Zhang, Junhong Liu, Zujie Wen, Yafang Wang and Gerard de Melo
  • An Empirical Study on Multi-Task Learning for Text Style Transfer and Paraphrase Generation
    Pawel Bujnowski, Kseniia Ryzhova, Hyungtak Choi, Katarzyna Witkowska, Jaroslaw Piersa, Tymoteusz Krumholc and Katarzyna Beksa
  • An Industry Evaluation of Embedding-based Entity Alignment
    Ziheng Zhang, Hualuo Liu, Jiaoyan Chen, xi chen, Bo Liu, YueJia Xiang and Yefeng Zheng
  • Applying Model-agnostic Methods to Handle Inherent Noise in Large Scale Text Classification
    Kshitij Tayal, Rahul Ghosh and Vipin Kumar
  • Assessing Social License to Operate from the Public Discourse on Social Media
    Chang Xu, Cecile Paris, Ross Sparks, Surya Nepal and Keith VanderLinden
  • Best Practices for Data-Efficient Modeling in NLG:How to Train Production-Ready Neural Models with Less Data
    Ankit Arun, Soumya Batra, Vikas Bhardwaj, Ashwini Challa, Pinar Donmez, Peyman Heidari, Hakan Inan, Shashank Jain, Anuj Kumar, Shawn Mei, Karthik Mohan and Michael White
  • Data-Efficient Paraphrase Generation to Bootstrap Intent Classification and Slot Labeling for New Features in Task-Oriented Dialog Systems
    Shailza Jolly, Tobias Falke, Caglar Tirkaz and Daniil Sorokin
  • Delexicalized Paraphrase Generation
    Boya Yu, Konstantine Arkoudas and Wael Hamza
  • Evaluating Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning Approaches in Multilingual Conversational Agent Models
    Lizhen Tan and Olga Golovneva
  • Extreme Model Compression for On-device Natural Language Understanding
    Kanthashree Mysore Sathyendra, Samridhi Choudhary and Leah Nicolich-Henkin
  • Graph Regularized Graph Convolutional Networks for Short Text Classification using Side Information
    Kshitij Tayal, Nikhil Rao, Saurabh Agarwal, Xiaowei Jia, Karthik Subbian and Vipin Kumar
  • hinglishNorm - A Corpus of Hindi-English Code Mixed Sentences for Text Normalization
    Piyush Makhija, Ankit Kumar and Anuj Gupta
  • Interactive Question Clarification in Dialogue via Reinforcement Learning
    Xiang Hu, Zujie Wen, Yafang Wang, Xiaolong Li and Gerard de Melo
  • Learning Domain Terms - Empirical Methods to Enhance Enterprise Text Analytics Performance
    Gargi Roy, Lipika Dey, Mohammad Shakir and Tirthankar Dasgupta
  • Leveraging User Paraphrasing Behavior In Dialog Systems To Automatically Collect Annotations For Long-Tail Utterances
    Tobias Falke, Markus Boese, Daniil Sorokin, Caglar Tirkaz and Patrick Lehnen
  • Misspelling Detection from Noisy Product Images
    Varun Nagaraj Rao and Mingwei Shen
  • Multi-task Learning of Spoken Language Understanding by Integrating N-Best Hypotheses with Hierarchical Attention
    Mingda Li, Xinyue Liu, Weitong Ruan, Luca Soldaini, Wael Hamza and Chengwei Su
  • Scalable Cross-lingual Treebank Synthesis for Improved Production Dependency Parsers
    Yousef El-Kurdi, Hiroshi Kanayama, Efsun Sarioglu Kayi, Vittorio Castelli, Todd Ward and Radu Florian
  • ScopeIt: Scoping Task Relevant Sentences in Documents
    Barun Patra, Vishwas Suryanarayanan, Chala Fufa, Pamela Bhattacharya and Charles Lee
  • Semantic Diversity for Natural Language Understanding Evaluation in Dialog Systems
    Enrico Palumbo, Andrea Mezzalira, Cristina Marco, Alessandro Manzotti and Daniele Amberti
  • Towards building a Robust Industry-scale Question Answering System
    Rishav Chakravarti, Anthony Ferritto, Bhavani Iyer, Lin Pan, Radu Florian, Salim Roukos and Avi Sil
  • Uncertainty Modeling for Machine Comprehension Systems using Efficient Bayesian Neural Networks
    Zhengyuan Liu, Pavitra Krishnaswamy, AiTi Aw and Nancy Chen